Make your dog insta-famous in 12 Weeks

Get ready to see your puppers go from runt of the litter to leader of the pack on Instagram (and rake in the dollars in deals!)

Does this sound like you? ...

  You're a busy dog-mom that has dreams for your perfect little pet

  You're ready to work so everyone can appreciate your little doggo!

You’re ready to finally make your pet’s future a priority.

You want a social media routine that is perfectly curated for you and your fur baby

You're in the

introducing the

In just 4 months, with the The InstaPet Celebrity Accelerator Program, you’ll see your pet go from being your loveable little animal to the world’s favorite furball. With an efficient Instagram plan, beauty tips, healthy snack recipes to keep them trim, and a shipment of adorable props and outfits for that perfect aesthetic, you’ll see your pet’s following and engagement grow faster than you can say “do you want a treat?”

What's Included

Module One

Module 1 is all about finding your pet’s truest voice. All the material in Month 1 will help you to fully realize the depth of personality that has been lying dormant within your pet. Then, it will help you express that realization with clarity and consistency. You’ll wrap the month learning how to capture that pup’s pizazz with our “Pet Portraits For Beginners” class.

Module Two

By Module 2 your following should be high and you should be making plenty of friends across the world and of varying species. We are going to show you how to leverage those friendships to gain new audiences by getting guests posts and promo posts on the feeds of your new friends.

Module Three

Module 3 is all about the MONEY! Month one built your confidence in who your pet is, and then helped find an audience. Month two launched you into new territory by putting you in front of the audience of your new friends. Now, endorsement deals are rolling in. Commercial spots are opening up, but this is just the beginning. Month 3 is all about riding that wave into a full blown Canine Career.

Module Four

Module 4 is all about sustainability. I’ll show you how to make merch, build a fanclub and sustain a real career for you and your fluff nugget. Get your pup a passport, she’s going places for many dog-years to come!


Doggie Outfit Box

You will receive a box with cute outfits to photograph your pet in.

Healthy Treats

Reward your dog for long photoshoots with healthy treats!

Instagram Strategy

Captions and growth strategy to keep the followers coming.

Bonus #1

Furry Filters: Lightroom Preset Kit ($27 value)

Don’t let a bad filter detract from your pet’s mane of majesty! This kit comes with 12 Adobe Lightroom presets so everyone can see what a good girl she is at the right saturation level!

Bonus #2

Tame That Fame! When Stardom Has Gone to your Dogs Head
($97 value)

A doggie’s career is only as big as their heart. This exclusive book by Mesar Salon will help you keep their hearts big and their egos small so that they stay pleasant to work with well into their golden years.

Bonus #3

Toilet Training Your Dog
($997 value)

Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Yes. Can you name 2 famous bears? No. Coincidence? I think not. Do people sh*t in the woods? Rarely. Can you name 2 famous people? YEAH, EASY. Simple logic says that the ability to use a toilet makes you more likely to be a star.


By Month 3, we got a job modeling doggie scarves!

"I always knew that Loraine was the cutest little bulldog on the planet, but I needed everyone else to know it as well. I didn’t have to wait long! The first months’ box was packed with a social media plan as well as tiaras, dresses, monocles and top hats for pictures. By Month 3, we got a job modeling doggie scarves! Can you believe that?"



I couldn’t even get Jaxon to look at the camera for a selfie

Last year, I couldn’t even get Jaxon to look at the camera for a selfie. Now, he’s going to be the lead role in a Batman inspired show for Mammal Planet, The Bark Knight. InstaPet really works!



Show me your friends, I'll show you your future

OMG. I met Frumpy Cat. Did you know he’s not frumpy at all? It’s all an act! That cat is fabulous! Thanks InstaPet!



Meet Your Mentor

Veterinarian & Influencer Emma Barkley

Hi, I’m Emma!

I stumbled upon the secrets to Instagram while trying to gain visibility for my veterinarian practice. Since then, I’ve been featured in Modern Dog and The New Borker. My greatest pride and joy though is taking my experience and helping pets and their owners finally get the recognition they deserve. I’m so excited to lead you into a glamourous future with InstaPet

Money-Back Guarantee

If you can prove you took the time to go through the first 30 days and are not completely satisfied (or have determined your pet is just not star material) we will give you a full refund of your purchase.

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  • 12 Week Training
  • Pet Portrait Kit
  • Healthy Treat Recipes
  • Instagram Presets Pack
  • Tame That Fame! eBook
  • Toilet-Training For Dogs Workshop


$97 /6 mos
  • 12 Week Training
  • Pet Portrait Kit
  • Healthy Treat Recipes
  • Instagram Presets Pack
  • Tame That Fame! eBook
  • Toilet-Training For Dogs Workshop

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You’re a busy dog lover that wants the best for your pup.

You’re ready to start meeting new friends from across the globe!

You’re ready to finally make your dreams a priority

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You’re not ready to follow along with a course that has been proven to work.

You think you can adapt this to make it work for cats. No. Gross. Stop.

You’re looking to exploit an adorable animal for your own greedy purposes.

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